Build fast, launch quickly.

Launch hundreds of versions of your Facebook Ads in minutes.

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Scale Your Campaigns
Generate hundreds of versions of your Facebook ads and launch dozens of campaigns in 80% less time.
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Moderate Comments
Moderate - including Reply, Like, Hide, Delete - comments below your Facebook ads in one place, in just minutes.
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Multiuser Access
Provide a centralized dashboard to campaign managers and clients so that they access Facebook ads reporting, whenever, wherever - without having to add them to a Facebook ads account.

Built for Ad Pros

Vincere was created from our own frustration with tools on the market being geared to noobs and small business customers. Vincere was built by Facebook Ad Pros, for Facebook Ad Pros.

Simple, Fast Comment Moderation.

Like, respond to, delete, or hide Facebook comments on organic posts and ads in just a few clicks.

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“Moderating Facebook Ad Comments is 10x faster now.”
Facebook Comment Moderation

Create hundreds of ads in minutes

Upload multiple images, headlines, link text, body copy one time - then launch, and test, dozens of permutations of each ad.

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“We are testing three times as many ads”

Political & Issue Ads? No problem..

No other Facebook Ads tool on the market current supports political, social, and issue ad campaigns - Vincere does.

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“FINALLY. A Facebook Ads tool for political campaigns.”
Faster than using the native ads interface
Generate, schedule, and deliver reports anytime, day or night.
Facebook Ads launched so far using Vincere


These are our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if your question is not answered below.
Go to Signup.

Choose a user name and password (NOT your Facebook username and password!).

Connect the Facebook account associated with the ads account you'd like to run ads from. Once authenticated, select which ads accounts you'd like to manage through Vincere by selecting the box at left beneath the "Import" column and pressing the button at bottom right "+Add Account".

Once completed, you'll see a new navigation option in the lefthand column "Facebook Ads." Once pressed, you'll see a dropdown menu below with options to Create New Ads, Audiences, and more.

Yes you can add additional ad accounts at any time by selecting "Facebook Accounts" in the lefthand navigation menu.

On the Facebook Accounts Page press the "Add Facebook Add Accounts" button at top. You should see all of the available ad accounts associated with your Facebook account on the next page.

Select which ads accounts you'd like to manage through Vincere by selecting the box at left beneath the "Import" column and pressing the button at bottom right "+Add Account".

Yes you can add multiple users to the same ad account, provided that user's Facebook account is also connected to the ad account natively on Facebook.
Right now Vincere is 100% free to our beta users.
You can reach out to us any time via email:
We don't support Enterprise level plans yet - but we are working on it.
Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch