How to Moderate Facebook Comments in 5 Steps

If you have only one Facebook Page to manage, open Facebook Business Manager, choose your selected page, and click on “Inbox” in the top navigation bar. Then select Facebook or Instagram under "Comments & More." A list of previously unread comments will appear below. You can respond, react, delete or hide each one.

If you manage multiple pages, however, this becomes a clumsy process and it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we built Vincere, so you can track and moderate both comments on both ads (dark posts) and organic posts across multiple Facebook pages easily.

Why Facebook Comment Moderation Matters

Moderating Facebook Comments, on either ads (dark posts) or organic posts, is a pivotal tool to improving your Facebook campaigns. Why? It increases engagement, improves your Return on Ad Spend, and reinforces social proof.

Would you pay to promote a negative review? A factually untrue statement from your brand account? Curse words or hate speech? Of course not.

If you allow your Facebook ads (or dark posts) to run wild without moderating the comments section below them this is exactly what’s happening.

Not only is it a missed opportunity to deepen engagement with your audience by replying or reacting to their comments, but it could have the opposite of intended effect: allowing tolls or negative comments to take over your messaging.

Here are the 5 steps to Facebook Comment Moderation:

How to Moderate Comments in Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Navigate to the Page You'd like to Moderate in Business Manager.
  2. View the page you’d like to moderate in
  3. Click on “Inbox”
  4. In the lefthand side bar click on “Facebook Comments”
  5. As you review each comment, you will be given the option to: Comment in reply, Move to Spam, Mark as Unread, Mark for follow up or Move to Done.
  6. Repeat this process, from the beginning, for every individual Facebook page you manage.

The native process is tedious and if you manage a number of Facebook pages, it gets to be very difficult to sort out what needs to be moderated.

So we built a tool to moderate a number of Facebook pages in a simpler, more organized fashion than this.

How to Moderate Comments Using Vincere

  1. Log In to Vincere
  2. Click on “Facebook Moderation” in the sidebar (or under the hamburger menu on Mobile devices)
  3. Click on "All X Unmoderated Comments" at the top of the Facebook Moderation Page
  4. Select any number in the “Unmoderated Comments” queue
  5. As you review each comment, you will be given the option to: Comment in reply, Move to Spam, Mark as Unread, Mark for follow up or Move to Done.

Additionally, we've included sentiment analysis in the Facebook Comment moderation tool. Using artificial intelligence we'll "score" each comment for its perceived negativity or positivity. (This is especially helpful for non-English speaking Facebook page managers managing comments in English.)

Automate Facebook Comment Moderation Using Vincere

With Vincere you can now automate the moderation of certain words; including profanity, sexually suggestive words, and common spammy links. We've also allowed you to customize the words you'd like to always moderate; in example, mentions of a competitor's product or service.

In Conclusion

Staying on top of Facebook comments doesn't have to be a tedious process. Find the process that works for you and start getting better RoAS on your ads - and more positive engagement on your organic posts.