Why Facebook Comment Moderation Matters

Facebook is a powerful medium that businesses and individuals use to market products and make more sales. This is usually done by making organic posts or buying Facebook ads. Both these options generate engagement, including comments, that require moderation.

Keeping an eye on comments doesn’t only help increase engagement and improve your return on ad spend, but it also helps reduce negative publicity.

According to reports, the average Facebook user makes five comments per week. Some users, however, are more generous and make multiple comments in a single day.

It is also common for users to leave a comment that turns into a ‘chat’ threat that can make Facebook moderation a little tricky but more important.

5 Reasons Why Facebook Comment Moderation is Vital

1. It Improves Engagement

Engagement refers to interactions in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

The average engagement rate on Facebook stood at 0.27% in 2020. Companies are working to improve engagement and comment moderation can be a great way to get better results.

You can engage with users by liking their comments or replying to them. Not all comments require a reply. If someone has left a generic comment, you can go ahead and react to it (thumbs up, love, etc).

If someone has asked a question, respond to the person. You can also thank users for appreciating your work or providing suggestions.

Use this opportunity to make users feel ‘important’ and ‘wanted’. Make them realize their Facebook comments matter to you and that they always have your support.

2. Prevents Negative Backlash

It is common for buyers, especially unhappy clients, to leave negative feedback.

They expect businesses to notice their ‘comment’ and take their desired action.

Getting no acknowledgment can result in more backlash and negative perceptions.

While some of these ‘negative’ comments are acceptable, some can be very mean and disrespectful. It isn’t common for users to use curse words or hate speech.

Brands need to maintain an image. They cannot be seen promoting such comments.

Allowing your comment section to run unmoderated may result in a barrage of negative comments that can cause even your most loyal fans to unlike your page or stop using your brand altogether as they may see it as an endorsement.

3. Increases Loyalty

Prepare your team to moderate Facebook comments, identify top fans (Facebook badges help) and promote what they say to make them feel more important.

Brands can pick positive comments to highlight what people have to say about them. Being highlighted will make users feel more attached to the brand, thus increasing loyalty.

Users leave reviews, photographs, and even personal messages in comments.

Keeping an eye on your Facebook comment section will ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities to build loyalty.ç

4. Increases Sales

Consistent, helpful, and personal comment moderation can help you make more sales by increasing conversion rates by up to 24%.

It does so by increasing organic reach and helping more people find you. Moreover, Facebook moderation allows businesses to encash opportunities. You can respond to queries, convince people to try your product, and more.

Moderation can more than double your ROAS and lower CPA by about 29%. In simple words, it helps you make and save money.

5. Improves Brand Image

Comment moderation allows businesses to know exactly what others think of their products or services. This information can be used to improve brand image. Plus, Facebook moderation shows that you care and respect your followers and you want to help them.

The ‘customer first’ approach can be a great way to improve brand image and appear user friendly.

Facebook Comments Moderation: DO’s and DON’Ts

Here's what to keep in mind:


  • Quick response (less than 60 minutes)
  • Personalization
  • Brand voice
  • Simple solutions
  • Transparency and honesty


  • Late responses
  • Rude or cold responses
  • Little or no empathy
  • No solution provided
  • No response!
  • Use this for all kinds of comments, negative or positive. Work by greeting the user, add some personalization, be sincere in your response, show empathy, and offer a solution.

    How to Moderate Comments Using Vincere

    1. Log In to Vincere
    2. Click on “Facebook Moderation” in the sidebar (or under the hamburger menu on Mobile devices)
    3. Click on "All X Unmoderated Comments" at the top of the Facebook Moderation Page
    4. Select any number in the “Unmoderated Comments” queue
    5. As you review each comment, you will be given the option to: Comment in reply, Move to Spam, Mark as Unread, Mark for follow up or Move to Done.

    Additionally, we've included sentiment analysis in the Facebook Comment moderation tool. Using artificial intelligence we'll "score" each comment for its perceived negativity or positivity. (This is especially helpful for non-English speaking Facebook page managers managing comments in English.)

    Automate Facebook Comment Moderation Using Vincere

    With Vincere you can now automate the moderation of certain words; including profanity, sexually suggestive words, and common spammy links. We've also allowed you to customize the words you'd like to always moderate; in example, mentions of a competitor's product or service.


    About 90% of companies on Facebook do not respond to comments. Don’t be like those. Work on your brand image by responding to each comment but remember that it isn’t possible to win every one.

    A tool like Vincere can help you get more done in less time. It comes with comment moderation functionality that makes moderation a piece of cake. Get in touch with us to know more.